Changmi Bedding manufactures and distributes products high-class blankets  và sleep care with natural ingredients, protecting consumers’ health. The material Changmi uses is imported from Korea with strict quality control. High quality and affordable price are our first choice criteria for your bedding.Changmi Bedding, affordable and high quality fabrics make us your first choice for bedding. Innovative and contemporary designs across our exceptional range.With Chang mi, “Dreams are made of us”.저렴하고 고품질의 원단 인 Changmi는 우리를 침구로 가장 . 우리의 뛰어난 .Changmi와 함께“꿈은 이것으로 ” .

Operation Motto

Changmi Bedding always appreciates the trust and support of our customers, so we always try to perfect the best service to serve all your shopping needs from choosing materials, meticulously every stitch. only. Changmi always brings customers quality products at reasonable prices.

Continuous innovation

Changmi high-class blankets have a variety of designs and delicate designs to make the room more beautiful.


Changmi premium beddings can be produced individually according to the customer’s request.


Changmi is committed to product quality by customer satisfaction.


Shown in each selected material, in each seam to specific advice for customers .